6800mAh Power Bank Battery Dual USB Charger Captain America Shield Charge

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Update Time 2016-03-30
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Compatible With:for iPhone, for SAMSUNG mobile, for HTC mobile, motorola mobile,for LG mobile,all Mobile phone, MP3/4 player, PSP player etc...


1. Capacity:6800mah

2. Weight: 200g

3. input: DC5V-1000mA

4. Output:5.3V-2000ma (max)

5. Dimension:93.6x13.6 x1mm

6. Material:Non-flammable, Alloy shell


Usually there isinternal resistance in all mobile. and power bank will lost power when youcharge mobile because this internal resistance. we called it is Conversion Rate

so the powerbank charge your mobile, it is not like 6800mah / 2000mah ( if your mobilebattery )= 2.8 FULL charging.

usually powerbank 6800mah can charge iphone 5 4 4S for 2.5 times full power around.

Charge SamSungGalaxy S3 battery ( 2100mah ) to 2.6 times full power around.

Charge SAMSUNGGalaxy S4 battery ( 2600mah ) to 2.1 times full power around.

please chargeyour power bank for 6 hours first and than to charge your mobile. it will worksgood


6800mah powerbank is mean: there is 6800mah lithium battery in this power bank. but theoutput power is different for every mobile. because mobile internal resistanceis different.