Phone Power Bank Emergency External Battery Charger panel USB for iphone 5S 5 4S 4 Galaxy S3 S4

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Update Time 2016-03-18
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5600mAh USB Power Bank

Can be used to charge cell phones, tablets, mp3 players, etc.

USB cable included which has Mini and Micro USB connectors (used to charge the power bank as well as a Micro or Mini USB device from the power bank). If your device is not charged via Mini or Micro USB, such as an iPhone/iPad, you will need to use your own cable.

In order to charge an iPhone, you will need to use your iPhone cable.

Micro USB input and standard USB output.

Approximate dimensions: 3.38" x 1.63" x 0.75"

Input: 5V 1A

Output: 5V 1A

Please make sure to fully charge the device before the first use.

Comes in retail packaging.